Friday, May 15, 2015


Thank you so much for another great year at Lake View Elementary.  Our students have done such a great job this year!  They have worked very hard.  I also wanted to make sure you all know about the great work that your PTA and community council have done this year.  Because of our PTA, we have had a fun carnival, Red Ribbon Week, Green Ribbon Week, the bike rodeo, class parties, SEP dinners for the teachers, teacher recognition week and a very successful fund raiser.  The PTA fund-raiser pays for our field trips, so make sure you tell them thank you!

The community council is in charge of the land trust plan.  With their support, Lake View implemented a new small group reading instruction plan this year.  These groups are being done in a way that hasn’t been attempted in our district before.  We are focusing on specific reading skills rather than reading levels.  We hired a few new aides and shifted a few other aides over to help run these reading groups.  The result is that for 45 minutes a day, every student in grades 1-3 is in a reading group addressing their specific skill need.  Kindergarten students are also in skill based groups that last about twenty minutes.  We have been monitoring the progress of our students and they have already made tremendous strides in their reading.  We plan to continue with these groups next year and hope that they will be even more effective.

As we enter the summer break, please encourage your student(s) to read.  I hope you have a lot of fun with your families and enjoy the summer!    


Mark Johnson