Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Principal's Message for October

Lake View Parents,
Thank you so much for your support!  We are off to a great start this year.  I would like to tell you a little bit about a few things we have changed for this year. 

We have begun using Saxon Phonics in all classrooms grades K-2.  This is a new program to us, but it has been around for some time.  There is a lot of evidence out there showing it to be very effective.  We are excited about the way it will help our students to improve their reading skills. 

We have also introduced new reading groups for our kindergarten students.  These groups are using a newly designed phonemic awareness program that was designed by literacy experts right here in our district.  This program should establish a better reading foundation for our kindergarten students. 

Dual-immersion at our school is now in grades 1-5.  It has been quite the process to get it through all the grades.  Many teachers have put a lot of work into this but it is paying off.  Our program is great and has been very successful thus far.  We are excited to have dual-immersion at Lake View. 

As always, I will also stress the importance of attendance.  Please make sure your student(s) are here each day and that they are on time.  Our teachers are using their time as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Every minute of every day is important.  Students who miss time in class cannot make-up what they missed by simply picking up work from their teacher.  That make-up work represents maybe twenty percent of what is taught and practiced in class with the guidance of their teacher.  I simply cannot stress this enough.  Students miss out on important things when they are late or absent.  If they miss a lot of school time, they are at risk of falling behind.   

Thanks again for trusting us with your students.  We have the greatest students in the world.    

Mark Johnson
Lake View Elementary
851 S. 200 W.
Brigham City,  UT  84302

435 734-4922

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Community Council Meeting Reminder

Our next Community Council meeting will be held on October 13th at 3:15 p.m. in the school library

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let's keep our students safe

October 6, 2015

Dear Lake View Parents,

According to Perry City Police, on Friday, October 2 around 3:00 PM, a student from Promontory Charter School was walking home and was stopped by an individual between Promontory and Three Mile Creek Elementary. This individual told the student that her mother had called and asked him to pick her up from school that day. When she did not stop, he offered her candy. Luckily, the girl had been taught what to do in that situation and ran to a nearby house. The girl’s description of the man was that he had brown hair, dark eyes, and a bushy beard. He was driving a silver four door car that had a sticker with a skull.

A few weeks ago, you received a phone call from Box Elder School District with information about a similar incident in Tremonton. Our Superintendent, Ron Tolman, said the following:
In an effort to keep our children as safe as possible we share this information. There is enough information to suggest that all parents may appreciate this notice. We should remain calm, watchful, and alert while reassuring the students and reinforcing good safety measures you have already taught them.

I want to share what we do to keep students safe at Lake View Elementary. Before school, during recess, and after school, we have teachers assigned for student supervision. After school, we have staff on duty to see that students get into cars safely. We ask that all visitors to the school check in at the office so that we know who is in our school, and wear a badge so that kids and teachers know that the person is okay to be inside our school. If parents are late to pick up a student after school, the student(s) are brought into the office to wait for a parent to pick them up.

We have made announcements to remind students and teachers to be more watchful and vigilant. Teachers have had conversations with students to teach them what to do in situations when they are approached by a stranger. I ask that you please do your part by talking with your children so that they are well-prepared should this situation ever come up. It is, as the Superintendent stated, important to stay calm but alert. The police around the county are doing extra patrols around schools, especially before and after school. Brigham City Police ask that you report anything suspicious to them at 435-734-6650.
Thank you for your support,
Mr. Johnson