Faculty and Staff Directory 2017-2018

Name Assignment Location Email
Mark Johnson Principal Office mark.johnson@besd.net
Nancy Vincent Head Secretary Office nancy.vincent@besd.net
Karen Weight Office Aide Office karen.weight@besd.net
Florence Chiu Kindergarten 1 florence.chiu@besd.net
Heidi Jensen Kindergarten 2 heidi.jensen2@besd.net
Lauren Hamilton Kindergarten 3 lauren.hamilton@besd.net
Bunny Barnett 1st Grade 5 bunny.barnett@besd.net
Tiffany Dance 1st Grade 6 tiffany.dance@besd.net
Duberlys Cha 1st Grade DLI 7 duberlys.cha@besd.net
Kappy Williams 1st Grade DLI 8 kappy.williams@besd.net
Aimee Wells 2nd Grade 13 aimee.wells@besd.net
Nicole Jensen 2nd Grade DLI 14 nicole.jensen@besd.net
Alison Montgomery 2nd Grade 15 alison.montgomery@besd.net
BreAnne Driesel 2nd Grade DLI 16 Breanne.driesel@besd.net
Beverly Morrell 3rd Grade 9 beverly.morrell@besd.net 
Nicole Ayala 3rd Grade DLI 10 nicole.johnstonayala@besd.net
Irene Haggerty 3rd Grade DLI 11 irene.haggerty@besd.net
Alice Ball 3rd Grade 12 alice.ball@besd.net
Ana Hansen 4th Grade DLI 17 ana.hansen@besd.net
Tom Little 4th Grade DLI 18 tom.little@besd.net
Robert Beukers 4th Grade  19 robert.beukers@besd.net
Kim Wilson  4th Grade 20 kimberly.wilson@besd.net
Jenni Adams 5th Grade 21 jennifer.adams@besd.net
Suzanne Reeder 5th Grade 22 suzanne.reeder@besd.net
Gloria Dabb 5th Grade DLI Portable #3 gloria.dabb@besd.net
Katie Harrop 5th Grade DLI Portable #4 katherine.harrop@besd.net
Heather Young Special Education Portable #1 heather.young@besd.net
Tammy Bench Speech Therapy Portable #5W tammy.bench@besd.net
Liz Ellis Computer Lab 4 liz.ellis@besd.net
Tammy Reynolds Chrome Lab Portable #5E tammy.reynolds@besd.net
Jan Holmgren Library Library jan.holmgren@besd.net
Carolina Rex ELL Portable #1carolina.rex@besd.net
Amanda Stokes Literacy Coach Portable #2 Amanda.Stokes@besd.net
David Blake  Math Coach Portable #2 david.blake@besd.net
Steven Simpson Head Custodian steven.simpson@besd.net
Tina Mace Lunch Clerk Office tina.mace@besd.net
Kerry Dennison

Lunch Manager



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